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Types of Cactus

There are a number of different ways that cacti can be divided into different groups, different types. To divided them according to the scientific genus and family can give a lot of information but can be a bit overwhelming to novices that want to keep a cactus or two but that arent ready to devote themselves to learning the scientific names of cacti. Below you can read more about a few simple ways to divide cacti ino different groups, into different type of cactus. Dividing cacti into different types pf cactus according to the methods below is easy but can still give you a lot of valuable information about how to keep the cacti in the group, what conditions they need, how they will grow, how they want to be planted and a lot of other useful information.

The first way we are going to divide different cacti into types of cactus plants are by where they grow. When we look at where they grow we will find two types of catci:

The first type of Cactus by where they grow is:

Terrestrial cacti. Terristrial cactus plants are plants that grows on the ground. Often in dry well drainining soils rich in sands and gravel. These are the plants that first come to mind when one thinks about cacti. This group do however also contain the ground dwelling cactus species that are find in more humid areas such as in costal area and in and around mangrove swamps. It is possiple to divide this group of cactus plants into several sub groups based on how they grow and whether they grow inb arid or moist environments

The second type of Cactus by where they grow is:

Ephiphytical cactus species. This type of cactus grows in trees on cliffs and in other places where they are no dirt. Their roots go out in the area and they get everything they need from air and rain. The ever popular dragon fruit, Pitaya, is the fruit of one such tree growing cactus. Other popular cactus species that belongs to this type is orchid cactus species and the ever popular christmas cactus. Most tree dwelling cactus species that are kept planted in dirt when they are kept as house plants. They do well this way but do not need dirt if their needs are met

Another way to divide cactus into different types is to look at how they grow. This grouping technique can be very useful if you are looking for a cactus to fit a certain spot in your home or in your cactus garden. When the look of the cactus is just as important as anything else. Since cactuses are very stylistical and can be a very beatiful part of your interior or exterior design it is good to learn atleast a few cactus species belong to each of these types of cacti

Cactuses can be divided into the following types of cactus plants:

Obelisk shaped cactus species: Obelisk shaped species varies a lot in size. There is small species that never reach more than a foot and large species that grow to be more than 20ft. They can have one stem or might bransch out in to several branshes. Each bransh will have the typical obelisk shape.

Ball shaped cactuses. Ball shaped cactuses include most of the small flowering species we keep in our homes. The largest species of ball cacti can reach more than 4 feet in diameter.

Wolly cactus plants: These cactuses can belong to one of the other groups as well. They are covered in white strains that make them look wolly. This species originate from cold area and the woll is to protect them from low temperature. There are several common house cacti that belgs to this group. These species can often grow quickly.

Disc shaped cactus plants: These species grow discs upon discs. They are also often referred to as mouse eared cacti due to the fact that the plants, especially when they only have 3 discs look like the classical immag of Mickey Mouse. Many of these species can grow wuickly and quite large but there is smaller species as well. The most common species in the trade belong to the genus Opuntia that contains about 200 species. The fig cactus which fruits you can buy in your supermarket belongs to this type of cactus.

Leave cactuses: There are a couple of species of cacti that has leaves and that looks like regular plants. They grow as vines.

Hanging cactuses: Hanging catuses are all epiphytes that grows in trees in the wild. They often grown in with stems that looks like leafes or small oblong dics. (allthough very different from the disc cacti). In the end of one disc there will be one or several other small discs attached. This type of cactus plant includes popular cacti such as orchid cactus and christmas cactus species. They are often easy to get to flower and have stunning flowers. This might be the most popular group of orchids and many people keep this type of orchids without realising that they are cacti.